Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Strangers

In the passage when mersault meets the care taker, Albert Camus suggests that death dosn't necessiarly mean change. He shows this throughout the passage when mersault is still thinking, and acting the same after the death of his mother. He shows that mersault dosn't change when he sees his mothers dead body.

In lines 1-5 he shows us that if it were not for his mothers death he would still be heading off to work, and it would be like a typical day for him. It would still be hard for him to get up, and he would be in the office all day, just another typical day. And he also mentions the other guys from work by saying "they must be getting up for work about this time". So I guess this means that he is in a different time zone or he is just up early.

Then in the second part of the passage he talks about meeting the care taker, and signing documents. "the caretaker came across the courtyard, and told me that the director was asking for me... He had me sign a number of documents". Then the man also says he will be attending the funeral.

Finally he asks if he wants to see his mother for the last time befor he seals the casket, and he said no. I think that he said no because he dosn't want to show his feelings/emotions, maybe if he sees his mothers dead body he will become emotional and start to cry. I think he is a type of person who keeps their emotions all bindled up, and he lets them go when nobody is around. That is probally whe he didn't want to see his mothers dead body again laying lifelessly in a casket.

I believe that this passage is important to the text because it shows us how this character really is, and how he deals with his feelings. This might help us understand one of the characters actions in a future scene. This is why this passage was important in the Book "the Strangers" by Albert Camus.

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